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  • This week, players can score 3X RDO$ in the following:
    Showdown Modes

This week, the Featured Series is Gun Rush, so interested players can jump in using the Online menu to participate.

  • This week, score discounts on the following:
    Butcher Table (5 Gold Bars Off)
    Trader Resupplies (100% Off)
    Moonshine Mash Refills (100% Off)
    All Guns (40% Off)
    Melee Weapons (50% Off)
    Thrown Weapons (50% Off)
    Ammunition (60% Off)
    Pamphlets (40% Off)
    Gun Oil (100% Off)

  • Collector’s can earn a reward by gathering The Veteran’s Collection and returning it to Madam Nazar. The Veteran’s Collection includes the following items:
    1792 Quarter
    Old Tom Gin
    Aubrey Onyx Ring

  • Players who linked their Red Dead Redemption 2 Social Club accounts to Twitch Prime and claimed their benefits can obtain the following:
    5 Gold Bars Off Butcher Table (Offer)
    6,000 Trader Role XP (Reward)
    40% of a Horse (Offer)
    40% off a Stable Stall (Offer)
    40% off a Shotgun (Offer)
    Incendiary Buckshot Slugs (x50)

  • Players can link their Social Club and Twitch Prime accounts by visiting

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Gvids Bio

My Name is Greg, I Was born in North Bay, moved a lot growing up.. We moved into southern Ontario where I grow up for most of my life..

Went to a few different schools mainly because of me getting into trouble lol..Going into high school I did good till grade 11 where I was kicked out..  Which in return made me see the light and got back in the next year to get my Diploma (stay in school kids)..

Because of my shitty time in school I choose to go into work which now at 35 I'm working 7 days a week as a Print shop Supervisor and a KFC Delivery driver and have bee doing both for over 10 years.. (stay in school kids)..

I work hard for my family.. My amazing girlfriend and my 2 kick ass step kids who I couldn't love anymore..Into my Hobbies which are limited due my work..

Fishing is my Favorite pass time in the summer it relaxes me and connects me with my fishing buddies, so we can catch up on are laughs and stories..

My car is probably the next biggest thing I love next to my Family, I set out for this car saved for 3 years and got what I wanted which is a very rare thing for me.. In other words this car is a symbol of my dedication and hard work paying off.. BEST FEELING EVER!..

I have been making YouTube videos for about 3 years now which some may know already, as they have been with my journey the hole time.. I love making videos that help people with there gaming and videos that mainly are just fun to make such as Roleplay.. I love the community that I have slowly built and can only hope to grow more with the same people that have been there with me..  

I honestly can't thank you all for the support that I had over the last 3 years.. If you want to show your support Subscribe to the channel

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